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I'm passionate about not only theorising improvements and putting them into practice, but constructively critiquing them in order to find possible experiments and develop creative methods!

My goal is to study Agile, adopt it as a personal philosophy and (over time as my experience grows) develop an industry recognised agile method centred around workplace joy.

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Updated: Oct 7, 2018

"Be prepared!" The old Scout motto urges. It has been a good while since my days of donning a neckerchief and woggle. But the words have stuck with me an server me well!

As a Scrum Master for multiple teams, I have found that I am required to be prepared to facilitate meetings in various locations around the office building. Each team and location can be a a gamble when it comes to equipment availability. While we would often make do with what we had to hand, I thought, "It does not have to be this way." It would be useful if I could remove some of the randomness and bring a safe constant into the mix. In short BE PREPARED for as many eventualities as I could.

Introducing The Stupendous Scrumdiddlyumptious Box!

What is in the box? Everything you could possibly need!

  • Whiteboard pens - various

  • "Oops I should not have used that on the whiteboard" pens - various

  • A highlighter

  • String

  • "Pushpin" Magnets

  • Magnetic Labels

  • Stickies!

  • Scissors

  • White-tack

  • Sellotape

  • Whiteboard eraser

  • Stapler

  • USB presentation clicker/laser pointer

  • Home made planning poker cards

  • Notepad

Oh and my Bullet Journal, but that is not in the box... so ignore that.

Most of that may be self explanatory but the string and "Pushpin" magnets are worth some further detail. In our office, our teams have wheelie magnetic whiteboards for Agile Boards. They are used as information radiators and to track the team's sprint progress.

These boards are often redesigned by the team to suit their needs, adding/removing rows and columns to suit the situation.

This is a fantastic chance for an impromptu team building exercise: Leave the supplies the team may need and let them organise themselves to make string magnets!

Tying the string to a couple of magnets can be used to prototype a layout before using some whiteboard tape/pen OR (If the team likes the flexibility) can be used to make an easy to adjust board. Another useful application is to physically highlight an impediment relationship.

While some may say what I have assembled is overkill, I always advocate fore having the right tools for the job and looking after your kit.

I would like to note that having enough pens and stickies for each team member has helped increased individual engagement in planning sessions and retrospectives. The distribution of material along with a well conducted meeting has made it easier for everyone to have their say.

Of course this is not a case of having all the gear will fix every issue. But it certainly helps with planning sessions and adapting to any unforeseen changes in plans.

Do you have a similar set up? Do you have any additions to recommend? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment, tweet @ me, message me on Linkedin or email me! Always remember:


Be seeing you.



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