I'm an Andover based Scrum Master who works with talented individuals within teams to deliver working software.

I'm passionate about not only theorising improvements and putting them into practice, but constructively critiquing them in order to find possible experiments and develop creative methods!

My goal is to study Agile, adopt it as a personal philosophy and (over time as my experience grows) develop an industry recognised agile method centred around workplace joy.

I am using this site to chronicle and share my agile journey in a blog. If this interests you or you would like to discuss ideas, I welcome you to subscribe + get in touch


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I failed to produce a blog post a day as I set out to do. Turns out that life is a complex environment, prone to all kinds of impediments and shifting priorities!

So no proper post today either. Instead I will quickly share with you a small weekend "project" I undertook for my daughter, Olivia.

We recently moved our Bearded Dragon's vivarium onto a table. After doing this the other half said, "You know she is going to hide under there, right?" I agreed and thought. "Well. If that is going to happen why not make it nice for her?" And so a priority changed!

Calling it an MVD (Minimum Viable Den) for now. Made some notes from her user activity and have some improvement ideas for the next iteration.

But I think the MVD has managed to delight the customer so far!

Now I think I have already spent more time than I intended putting this post together and want to get back to my daughter! With taht I will leave you with a quote from Albert Einstein:

“Play is the highest form of research”

Be seeing you!



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